At Wave, we’re inspired by water. It’s essential for life, and in fact, it’s our first ingredient. Unable to find a natural deodorant that maintained its efficacy over time, we crafted our own. We had no knowledge or know-how, only a tiny Marina Del Rey apartment and the idea for a better product – one with layers, each with a new wave of ingredients. The idea came from the number of bottles that were piling up in our bathroom and used on rotation – if we needed more than one natural deodorant to maintain freshness, why not have multiple variations in a single stick instead? We created Wave, a first-of-its-kind natural deodorant, to keep things fresh by keeping things interesting. Our layered technology features three levels of active ingredients – tapioca, kaolin clay and arrowroot – each free from aluminum, phthalates, parabens, and artificial fragrance. And because we’re a small family business, each product is full of handcrafted care and a love as deep as, you guessed it, the sea.
- Co Founders: Christine & Erik